Uses Of Steel Stillage

steel stillages

Steel stillage is actually the pallet which has been customized and is used in the same manner as a normal pallet would be that is for the transportation of the goods. The benefit of using the steel stillage is that it combines the role of storage and transportation which means that the goods could be used to store on these for longer periods and then the same steel stillage could be used to carry these products to longer distances. The steel stillage has design in such a way that these can be stock on top of another and these also come with the casters which help in moving these from place to place. Some steel stillage also has the feature of the drop front which makes it very accessible when multiple stillages are stocked on top of another.

As mentioned earlier the customization of the steel stillage is what makes it different and therefore, the mesh sides are used for the products whose contents need to be visible in order to provide the accessibility and this is how it becomes easy for the people working in the warehouse to identify the product stored in these stillages. Similarly, there are metal plated stillage which are used for the products which require more strength.

What are the types of the stillage other than steel stillage?

Glass stillage:

As the name represent these are used for the transportation of the products made from glass and these are designed by considering the specific product design. The base of these stillages are made from the rubber, plastic or foam.

Scaffold stillage:

These are also known by the name of the post pallets in which there is a central bar and these are used for the safe transportation and storage of the products such as scaffolding tubes. These could also be stack on the top of another to ensure that the space is used efficiently

Tyre stillage:

All of these stillage types are named after the products these are used to store and transport and the tyre stillage is used to transport the tyres and it is considered as one of the most cost effective method of transportation of the tyres. It has designed in such a way that it folds and stacks with its posts and base. These have portable racks and the posts of these are removable as well.

Every stillage is provided with its own guide to provide you with the instructions of how to use it and about the various features of these as well as the load carrying devices and vehicles use guide to provide you details about loading and unloading the products with it.