Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Old School Hand Written Letters

With technology advancing more and more, today you can hardly find people who make an effort to take time and write a letter. Now it’s all about a quick message from WhatsApp or a quick call from Skype or even a mail through Gmail. So though at the beginning these might have been admired and looked forward to (especially your first email), now they have no meaning or value behind them. And that has made hand written letters to become much more of a sentimental thing rather than a form of communication. So here are a few reasons why you also should be writing letters the old school way.


Things that you gift someone could easily break, the flowers that you buy would easily fade, however the words that you pen down on a good ole letter using old school Australian mail services would always remain. You can treasure these even for years to come. The words used have much more to communicate in terms of feelings and sentimental value, making them even more memorable.

Research proves it creates happiness

Unlike with an email, receiving a hand written letter or an unaddressed mail from the postman or someone in person, has proven to create a much more sense of happiness. For an example, if you know you are about to receive a letter from your pal, you would look forward to it day and night. And once that arrives the sense of joy you feel has been proven to even reduce symptoms of depression. So take time to write out letters to your friends or even distant family to show them how much you care.

Establishes importance

There is no better way to show someone that they actually mean to you than writing a letter. When it comes to writing a letter you need to take time off your busy schedule to simply sit down and think of all that you want to say. That step in itself is a clear indication that the person you are addressing the letter to actually means a lot.

Gives you a platform to speak your mind

Some people just might not be the best when it comes to telling others what they really mean. So sometimes their actions and one worded replies may seem rude making that person out to be prideful. However, through a letter they have the opportunity to show their genuine feeling and say exactly what they want. Thus making this form an interesting way of speaking your mind even if you are short for words. So take time out and start writing letters to your mates from today!