Glass Bottle Vs Plastic Bottle

Nowadays, there are a different type of glasses available in the market from which people are using in their drinking as well as commonly uses in the ceremony as well similarly nowadays there are multiple types of glasses categories available which are using nowadays in different parties as well similarly nowadays when we talk about human which is nowadays very worried about their health and wishes to make their health as better as possible as well as for their family for this reason people pay high fees charges just to make their health and better similarly when we talk about water drinking matter which is one of the worried processes because most of the people use plastic bottles in their drinking process because as well as most of the companies use plastic bottle in their drinking product which is very dangerous because this plastic bottle is made up of with different type of chemicals reactions from which their health will affect and people can face different type of diseases in return similarly, for this reason, it is recommended for every people to use glass bottle in their drinking because when we talk about these black glass bottle which mainly manufactured from glass and no chemical reaction included like when we talk about plastic bottle in which you cannot drink warm water or hot water because it possibilities of plastic decomposition has been increases in hot water plastic bottle and this decomposed plastic will include in hot drinking water which can gives you thousands of harmful germs from which you can face diseases but when we talk about Glass bottle which is one and optimal solutions for drinking material because if you drink hot water in that glass bottle so they never decomposed from hot water or these glass particles will  never include hot water as well so that, glass water is one and optimal solution for drinking purpose as well.

Nowadays, glass bottle demand increase day by day because of the benefits like when we talk about chemical there is no chemical included but plastic bottle includes chemicals similarly we can easy to clean glass bottle but we talk about plastic bottle which required effort in cleaning and washing similarly as well as when we talk  about taste when you are drinking water in glass bottle you taste and feel like original drinking but when we talk about plastic bottle drinking which spread the smell of plastic in drinking material and this glass bottle are durable as compare to plastic bottle and other reason from which people love to buy glass items for their food or for their drink as well as secure their life from harmful chemical reaction and save their families life as well.

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